More people need great financial planning advice ... we help you do that!

Getting to know us...

Global Advice Training a specialised advice (Sales) training company working with financial planners and those involved in the giving of Advice.

We want you to know we recognise that you already have processes and approaches that are working for you, your practice and your clients. We want to build on what you have and what you aspire to have for your business and clients. There is so much information and competition how do you know that you are staying ahead and in front of the growing trends - We can help.

Our aim is to enable all financial advisors to have a deep and unique relationship with each of their clients in order to provide life long financial advice (not just win the sale). We have a deep knowledge of the client needs and the planners obligations and processes, which enables us to change minds, behaviour and results.

We practice what we teach. Just like a financial advisor who challenges their clients to have a really close look at what they are doing to achieve their goals, we do that with you.

Our Values & Approach

Authentic. We enable people to be themselves with more skill and knowledge. We are pragmatic and practical in everything we do.

Advice. Advice is guidance concerning prudent future action. (Sales is part of Advice). We recognise the responsiblilty and care that comes in providing advice and clearly state our strengths and expertise as we act in our clients best interests.

Impact. We deliver learning in a way that changes minds and behaviors. To aim to challenge the way people work and think. To focus on the things that matter most.

Legacy. We aim to create lasting and significant change that is sustainable and life changing. We want to have long term relationship with our clients to match what the value they offer their clients.