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Training (CPD)

We have customised our training to conduct workshops that enable planners to get access to new ways of thinking these include:

The LifeXplorer Adviser Program (LEAP) gives Financial Advisers the confidence, awareness and skills to build enduring, personalised and relevant relationships with their clients through the identification and definition of events that affect clients throughout their lives. The program is accredited with CPD hours from the FPA of Australia, and delivered through a combination of webinars, presentations and the use of the LifeXplorer app.

Understanding Your Clients For Life module (3 hrs)  is designed to give the process, tools and capabilities to meet the FoFA regulatory requirements and comply with the Best Interest obligations expected from Financial planners.  The outcome is to give Financial planners the confidence, awareness and skill to be able to Identify and define the events that affect clients throughout their life. Thereby recognising and connecting the importance and impact of knowing the decision making and planning process of the client and the Financial Planner. 
(3hrs = 6 CPD points from FPA)

Full Financial Planner Advice Program (2 days) that is tailored and integrated into the practice / company needs and capabilities. This would also include the importance of the ongoing service relationship and how you atriculate the benefits of your advice over time.  
(approx 21 CPD points*)
Note: *  = Subject to tailoring and design for the needs of that group.

Coaching and Consulting


Building high performance in individuals and teams in order to deliver growth and sustain services. Ben and Jason both have a wealth of experience with executive coaching and can help guide and coach individuals and teams to perform at their optimum

Mapping Your Advice Process

Navigating the Advice approach from a clients perpsective. Ensure that the way you provide advice is congruent with how clients want to receive advice. What is important to your clients? What does the ideal Financial Planner relationship look like and feel like?

Benchmarking your Approach

Applying the Advice Diagnostic. What are the key metrics in your business which determine your financial success? At Global Advice Training we will us these metrics as a tool to show Return on Investment with training or coaching that we do.

Becoming Education and Issues Based Financial Planners

Differientiate your offering through providing education sessions to your clients that are persuasive and impactful. Educating your clients in your initial interview and on an ongoing basis is one of the most important mechanisms to ensure your clients will continue to behave in a way that guarantees their financial freedom and security.